Richer than you think:

The broadcasts of the seventh season of the Dutch VTM program "Rijker dan je denkt" are behind us.
As in previous seasons, Elke Op de Beeck was the expert for all the estimates of watches and clocks. Who wants to get a view of the program can watch some videos in Dutch below.

From the last season:

Good deal! Clockwork of 10 euro appears to be worth 1.800 euro.
You found this in a plastic bag?

From the sixth season:

That's a golden deal hey.
That is a nice graduation gift.

From the fifth season:

The one with the most turtle is the most expensive.

A video from the fourth season:

This clock is always running wrong.

A video from the third season:

A golden Longines pocket watch from grandfather.

Videos from the second season:

Watches of different price range.
Beautiful ladies pendant watch.
A French oeil de boeuf.

Overview of the first season of the "Rijker dan je denkt" for what clocks and watches involves:

A nice piece among the garbage.
Not everything is worth more later.
What's this chimney garnish worth?
How is it with dadies clock?